Case Study: Website Redesign & SEO

“We have found the team at Wordpump were able to overcome our ignorance with huge tact and diplomacy. They have managed to drag us into a brave new technological world and never once made us feel useless. The work they have done for us has proved more than worthwhile and worth every penny. Their ongoing maintenance is also proving its worth.”

Dr. Stephen Smalls, Technical Director, Allingham Beck

Allingham Beck specialize in cosmetic product development and all the intricacies that surround it. They approached us with the following requirements.

The Objectives

To kick things off and understand the opportunities, we carried out a full audit of their old site – it suffered from a wide range of issues that were hindering performance, to name just a few:

With this in mind and the clear objective set by the client, we suggested we redevelop the site to be mobile friendly and incorporate all SEO recommendations into a new build.

The Process

At a high level the process we used was as follows:  

Step 1 – Requirements
We gathered any requirements from the client – discussed any further requests outside of the initial audit we carried out 

Step 2 – Analysis
We carried out analysis / keyword research to ensure site structure was correct, including the terminology being used and that all key services had landing pages. 

Step 3 – Initial run through with client.
It’s essential we work in a collaborative manner with our clients. At this stage we went through the new site structure and design mock-ups and incorporated any feedback from the client.

Step 4 – Optimisation.
We optimised key elements of the site using keyword research – this included on-page copy, page titles, meta description and more. 

Step 5 – Approval
We presented the final version of the site for approval by the client. 

Step 6 – Launch / Migration
We carefully planned the migration to ensure any existing SEO equity including referring links were maintained via redirection

Step 7 – Continued Optimisation and Development
Throughout the following 6 months, we carried out further site optimisations and provided suggestions and guidance on additional content after the site went live

The Results

Comparing performance of January and February 2015 to the same time period in 2016 we saw the following improvements. 

Leads up 73% YOY
Organic search visits up 30% YOY – including improved ranking for key business terms

User Experience
Site now fully responsive
Mobile visit bounce rate improved by 11%
Average session duration on a Mobile device up 6%

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